Studio Joanne Hakkert

A research based graphic design practice with a special interest in feminist issues and social design.

Hendrik Valk price winner (2015)
TENT Academy Award nominee (2015)


Art Arnhem

Forum for an Attitude
Vitra Design Museum Basel

Studio Joanne Hakkert
Schapenmarkt 20C
5211 ET 's Hertogenbosch

kvk. 64299740
+31 653374299



How much room is there in today's culture of over sharing, for failure? How much room is there for disappointment?

To answer this question I searched for true emotion on the Internet, one you cannot express in an emoticon, and ended up on Marktplaats. There I found a vast number of advertisements, displaying never worn wedding dresses. Even though the advertisers employed different methods to conceal their identity, the accompanying texts and pictures were surprisingly intimate.