Studio Joanne Hakkert

A research based graphic design practice with a special interest in feminist issues and social design.

Hendrik Valk price winner (2015)
TENT Academy Award nominee (2015)


Art Arnhem

Forum for an Attitude
Vitra Design Museum Basel

Studio Joanne Hakkert
Schapenmarkt 20C
5211 ET 's Hertogenbosch

kvk. 64299740
+31 653374299



The contemporary reader has surpassed the active reader of the nineties. We are not just active, but almost restless, question driven, and engage in an increasingly physical dialogue with a text. We, as readers, are breaking loose from the linear confinements of a text and search for our own path, our own answers. It it this interactive way of reading, often associated with online reading, that Bram Bogaerts, interaction designer, and I have aimed to translate to a publication.