Studio Joanne Hakkert

A research based graphic design practice with a special interest in feminist issues and social design.

Hendrik Valk price winner (2015)
TENT Academy Award nominee (2015)


Art Arnhem

Forum for an Attitude
Vitra Design Museum Basel

Studio Joanne Hakkert
Schapenmarkt 20C
5211 ET 'sHertogenbosch

kvk. 64299740
+31 653374299



Starting point of my thesis was an interest in the constant flow of images that define how we experience war and conflict. In the design of my thesis my aim was to put the focus back on the responsibility of the consumer of so called citizen journalism. Are we really interested in shaping a coherent news story, through the process of gathering information online? Or ar we, in part, also driven by sensationalism? The images in the text change every time. They are linked to twitter hashtags and offer a current or sometimes surprisingly disruptive perspective on the text.