Studio Joanne Hakkert

A research based graphic design practice with a special interest in feminist issues and social design.

Hendrik Valk price winner (2015)
TENT Academy Award nominee (2015)


Art Arnhem

Forum for an Attitude
Vitra Design Museum Basel

Studio Joanne Hakkert
Schapenmarkt 20C
5211 ET 's Hertogenbosch

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In 1989 Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski was a guest in the Polish talkshow '100 questions for…', by Television Polska. His constant denial of a political motive in his principles of filmmaking during this interview, seemed to me to stand in stark contrast with his strongly political cinematic language. In this publication, the '100 questions for…' interview is therefore re-interpreted as a direct confrontation between Kieslowski's evasive answers, news images and film stills from a selection of Kieslowski's filmography.