Studio Joanne Hakkert

A research based graphic design practice with a special interest in feminist issues and social design.

Hendrik Valk price winner (2015)
TENT Academy Award nominee (2015)


Art Arnhem

Forum for an Attitude
Vitra Design Museum Basel

Studio Joanne Hakkert
Schapenmarkt 20C
5211 ET 's Hertogenbosch

kvk. 64299740
+31 653374299

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In early nineteenth century London, Sara Baartman was exhibited as a freakshow attraction under the name Hottentot Venus. Her large buttocks and elongated labia were of great interest and entertainment to both scientists and Caucasian visitors. This idea of the body as a political and cultural battleground, is still prevalent in todays art practice. This publication aims to, with a detachment similar to that of the phrenologists that classified Sara Baartman as "wild and savage," classify the expressive body in contemporary art practice.